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Image of Raekwon
  • Image of Raekwon

Circa '96 Loud Records dropped Raekwon's 'Rainy Dayz' promo.
No official picture sleeve was ever released for this Wu banger.

Inspired by the lyrical mind of the Chef Raekwon & the world of Shaw Brothers flicks.

"It's raining, he's changing
My man is going insane, insane.
The war is on, yo
On rainy days I sit back and count ways on
How to get rich son, show and prove.."

as he sits on his box, having visions.

"I puff what's only right, leave the poison alone
Projects, infested with rats cats and crack homes
Half of us'll try to make it, the other half'll try to take it"

- note half the rats are 'taking'

Printed with HD Inks on professional semi gloss photo paper.
Choose either a Black or White Mat-Satin finish sleeve.

The saga continues..